New Feature: Zoom Functionality and Intro Screen

The latest KitchenWhiz update has two amazing new features! The first is the addition of Zoom functionality, and the second is a new intro screen when beginning to design your kitchen cabinets. Intro Screen The very first screen, when starting to design your kitchen,...

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[New Feature] Introducing the KitchenWhiz Marketplace

With this update, KitchenWhiz is taking on a new mission, connecting homeowners that want to build their kitchen cabinets with local cabinet makers. We strongly believe this is the future for KitchenWhiz and we are very excited! How it works: Step 1 Create your...

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Non-Designer Designs #2: L-Shape Kitchen with Fixed Columns

   In this episode of Non-Designer Designs, we are re-designing a complex kitchen room with lots of corners and some fixed columns. The kitchen cabinets heights are: Base Cabinets: 91cm Wall Cabinets: 53 cm Space between: 71 cm Tall Cabinets: 215 cm Designed...

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[New Features] Oven, Microwave, Free Demo Update

   The focus of our latest update was adding new appliances and better managing their position. Also, we have some very exciting changes made to the Free Demo. Improvements include: Adding an oven/microwave combination Adding a double oven (horizontally &...

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New Feature: Custom Heights

   We have a very special update for you today. Now you can design your kitchen plans and add custom heights for the Room, Windows, Doors, and Cabinets. This will allow you to add more customization in your designs, thus creating a kitchen plan based on your...

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New Feature: Design Your Cabinets in Inches

Till now, KitchenWhiz was available in centimeters only... NOW you can design your kitchen plans in Inches also. How does it work? Before you start designing your kitchen plan, select the measurement units of your choice, and then select your room scale (Normal or...

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