Major Update: 3D Rendering, Island Front-Views, Sink Positioning, and more


We believe Kitchen Design Tools should help you design Kitchen Plans faster and without errors… Instead of making your life harder!

With our latest update, KitchenWhiz is one step closer to this mission.

Amazing New Features include:

  • High Quality 3D Rendering in Realtime
  • Surfaces & Color Selection
  • Island Front Views & Editing
  • Better Sink Positioning
  • Lots of minor fixes

Learn more about each major feature below:

High Quality 3D Rendering in Realtime

What you have created in 2D is converted in 3D instantly. There is no need to wait several minutes until your render is complete after every change to your design.

Any changes you make to the cabinets, such as splitting/merging them, changing their type, or their color is reflected INSTANTLY and in REAL TIME on the mini-window in the top left of your screen.

To see a bigger view of your design in 3D just click the mini-window. You can move around and change the camera height with your Keyboard Keys.

Finally, by clicking the “C” key KitchenWhiz will automatically change the camera position for you.

Surfaces & Color Selection

Unleash your full creativity by giving color to your Kitchen!

With our latest update, you can change the color of cabinets one by one, or for all cabinets at once.

You can choose between Glossy, Matt, and Wood surfaces and create any combination of surfaces and colors you want on your kitchen plan.

Finally, you can change the colors for the Walls, Countertop, and Floor by clicking the “3D Render” Button on the sidebar!

Island Front Views & Editing

Now you can view and edit the Island’s front views on the 2D Editor!

Select any Kitchen front view, and then click “Yes” under the “Show Island” section on the side bar.

If you want to see a different Island view, click another wall on the room mini-map in the top right.

Better Sink Positioning

Before our latest update, the sink cabinet was not positioned below the window at times.

Now the sink cabinet will always positioned below the window no matter the window size or the sink type.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback by commenting below.


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